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Catechetical Series On Topics Related to Bishops on Diocesan YouTube Channel

In preparation for the ordination and installation of our new Bishop, W. Shawn McKnight, the ordination planning committee commissioned the diocesan communications office to work with Fr. Dan Merz, Chair of the Liturgical Commission, to create a catechetical video series to educate the faithful about the episcopacy in the Catholic Church.

Ten separate topics are planned to be addressed, and the first two videos are now available on the diocesan YouTube Channel.

  • The first is presented by Fr. Dylan Schrader and entitled “What is a Diocese and How is a Bishop Selected?”
  • The second is called “What is the Relationship of a Bishop to his Priests and Deacons?”  It is presented by Fr. Merz.

Among the topics that will appear in the video series in the next two weeks are:

  • “The Qualities of a Bishop as Presented in the New Testament,”
  • “The Cathedral (Cathedra) and Its Symbolism,”
  • “The Relationship of a Bishop to the Pope and the College of Bishops,”
  • “The Relationship of a Bishop to the Laity,”  and
  • “The History and Significance of the Coat of Arms and Motto of the Bishop,”

Our diocesan YouTube channel can be most easily accessed by going to the diocesan website (diojeffcity.org) and clicking the red YouTube icon at the top of the page.

Once on the YouTube channel home page, look for “Bishop Catechetical Series” or choose “Playlist” from the menu bar and choose “Bishop Catechetical Series” to see all the available videos in the series.   (For a quick look, you can also go HERE.)